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Saturday, 16-Sep-2006 14:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A few pieces from my office.. ^_^

these gurl wouldnt stop eatin..
aih wohn cakkhee,,,
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@ d pantry..having free lunch,,,,,woo hoo!!

Friday, 11-Aug-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Watching movie under the stars....

cinema ticket; stamped on hand
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ever heard of Starlight Cinema?
i never noe abt it b4.
but a fren invited n sponsored me a ticket 2 join her watching.
i tell u it's quite cool,a great place to hav picnic wif frens/family.
nxt yr myb i'll go again. ^-^
watched The Da Vinci Code..
thought i would gonna hav 2 scratch my body d whole nyt
but luckily there was no bugs bugging around..yay!
n we watched d movie happilyyyy,,, ^__^;
ere sum info(FAQ) about it i got from d internet:

What is Starlight Cinema?
Starlight Cinema is Asia's largest outdoor cinema festival, allowing you to enjoy an amazing cinema experience under the stars in a large park.
How long is the Starlight Cinema season?
Starlight Cinema usually takes place between June and September every year.
Where is Starlight Cinema held?
This year in Malaysia it is held in Sentul Park.
What time does Starlight Cinema start?
Doors open at 6pm. Movies start at 8pm. Do come early to secure a good place as it’s free seating.
Can I bring a chair?
No deck chairs or small stools are allowed at the venue. However, you may bring cushions, blankets or rugs to sit on.
Are there insects?
Sometimes after the rain, there may be a few insects but as Starlight Cinema is scheduled during the dry months, the chances of insects’ making a presence are slim.

Sunday, 23-Jul-2006 16:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
d birth of my "sticker factor!"...

let's operate it(i 4got 2 take d pix b4 dismantling it..ruginye)
all sudah terburai...
4 personal memory..juz in case if i wana turn it back 2 original
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one of d stuff i did from lot of d stuff i've been doing on d weekend, which usually
is much depends on my moods on whut i'm gona do dat day..
i dunoe how much longer i'd b able to do dis kind of things.
nway wut's realy important is, , , , juz liv ur lyf to its fullest!!

"a guitar represents d owner's heart"..

it was realy hard to find guitar for lefthander ere in malaysia, there wasn't so much
choice(i only found dis one!) n also d price was about 20++% higher than d regular guitar..(dat's really not fair!)
i havent decided yet wut's gonna b d next one..(after using it, i realized dat m still not satisfied wif d sound)..myb sumthing wif 8 pickups?.^__^; (kiddin! nway is there any such dat?)
m thinkin 2 play in a's in d nyt, so dat means i still can go to work during d day..
wish me luck, n i wish u luck too.

Saturday, 1-Jul-2006 11:31 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sending S'yama going back @ d airport..

me,Claim M'ger,MD,GM,new MD,Secr.M'ger & Acct M'ger
my papas n mama..n a new papa ^_^;
Wow,,how long has it been since i last updated dis page...Lately i hardly bring digicam along with me..

actually,,,,i'm SOO BOREDD!!!!,,,n m not so really in d mood ryt now also m kinda sad, my boss had been transferred back to jpn again..uhuk-huk-huk ..(he's d one who took me into d company...i won't 4get wut he had done 4 me...). n getting a new boss is another fussy matter to think about next[damn,,,i'm kinda worried too...]

B4 he going down 4 departure...
MyBoss: Fakuru-kun,,,jikkuri benkyou shite ii kara, sonnani chikara wo irenakutemo ii yo..ganbarinasaine!.Ka**i Ken**i(my company name) wa chikara wo sonnani iru kaisya nara,,kono kaisya wo yametemo ii kara ne..

Me: hehehe...hai S'yama-san,,,wakarimashita.....

well,,he said i should play alot more,,, ..seriously!! n i juz said "yeah,,i will" ^__^

*will add summore comments later...m goin back home now**

Tuesday, 10-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
REWINDING : acco's & okaasan comin down to osaka 2 say farewell.

the leftovers actually...^_^ sori...
was feeling like 2 capture d atmosphere..
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It was like 2,3 days b4 flying back home....Okaasan: means mother (it was acco actually) called me, telling that okaasan wanted to see me n they will come down to Osaka.(that's nice!)

We went shopping at first(lolz,,,cuz okaasan is really a crazy shopping freak!!)..had an evening tea..then continued shopping b4 we went to a resto 4 dinner.

Everything was alright at first...while eating,i said my gratitude to okaasan 4 taking care of me since d 1st day i met them,,,then i said farewell to acco and wished her good luck in her life(damnn,,i missed her so much now >_<)...then when we're ready to leave the resto..okaasan corrected my tshirt collar and wished me good luck(mannn,,i wont forget this!).n said dat how she hope i'll be a good person.....until....when it was time 4 us to say bye2...we all bursted into tears.. .....heyy,,it was very sad dooh!!!! (and also to show how i'm gonna miss them later,,so i didnt hold it n let it go)...actually i didn't realy burst laa...onli a little..^__^;;
(yeahh,,,it's hard to say farewell when d hearts hav got connected to each other..)
n....erm..acco gave me a last huggy...("it's ok gal, u're gonna b alryt!"...was wut i wanted 2 say..but okaasan was there,,)<-----hope acco will c this sumday..

acco,okaasan,otousan...3nenkan osewa ni natte, arigatou gozaimashita. itsuka mata aimasyouna! i will miss u all!!!
m(_ _)m <----bowing

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